FBC 2021 Productivity Bundle

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FBC 2021 Productivity Bundle

Food Bloggers of Canada
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Make 2021 your most productive year yet! The FBC 2021 Productivity Bundle includes both our FBC 2021 Food Blog Planner and our FBC Email Templates for Bloggers package.  This is regularly a $47CAD value when both items are bought separately but we've bundled them together for $39.99 CAD!

**please note that Gumroad will process your credit card transaction in US dollars but the amount will equal $39.99 in Canadian dollars based on the exchange rate at time of purchase.

What This Bundle Contains

The FBC 2021 Food Blog Planner

  • our signature product
  • 12 month calendar with Canadian and US statuatory holidays, major religious and cultural days, notable food days, monthly planning tips to help you make the most of your content
  • National Food Day directory with 100s of food days!
  • 12 planning worksheets to help you with everything from planning individual blog posts to revenue tracking, goal planning, recipe testing, food photoshoot planning as well as weekly and daily planning sheets
  • minimalist design for easy printing
  • flexible, undated layouts - start whenever you're ready!
  • print the pages you need and leave the ones you don't
  • please note... this is a digital product that's meant to be printed. It is not a digital planner
  • regularly priced at $16.99 CAD

FBC Email Templates For Bloggers

  • includes 22 customizable email templates in both word and pdf format
  • additional email tips and resource links
  • 3 price negotiation templates
  • 3 pitching templates - including follow up emails
  • 8 templates to help with additional requests once work on sponsored content has begun including: responding to requests for draft approval, delayed product shipping, request for inappropriate follow links, additional client requests after an agreement has been finalized, requests for extended exclusivity, requests for photo or recipe rights, how to respond to requests or pressure to avoid proper influencer disclosure
  • 2 templates to manage overdue invoices
  • 2 templates for responding to opportunities that don't fit your niche
  • 4 additional templates that cover raising your rates, requests for phone calls, reconnecting with former clients and following up on rate card or media kit requests

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get the FBC 2021 Food Blog Planner in PDF format and the FBC Email Templates for Bloggers in Word and PDF format

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